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Stainless steel lining
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Stainless steel lining

EMB-Service offers a lining method preventing the corrosion of concrete and cracking of tiles. Clever solutions are often simple - even this one.
EMB-Service offers a simple method to renew the surface. A hole 70 mm deep is drilled through the stainless steel plate in it's right position into the concrete behind. A specially designed nail is shot into the hole with a Hilti gun. Due to it's asymetric design, the nail turns to a hook into the concrete. The nail is designed by RF-Konsult Ab and made of a special steel developed by Avesta, the well known Swedish manufacturer of alloyed steels. The bending strength of the nail exceeds the corresponding value of normal acid proof steel by 100% - the plate stays in place even under extreme loads. Properties required of the nail in order to obtain a perfect result are:
* Rigidness
* Acid proof material and
* Good weldability.
The materials are fulfilling these requirements. forward